Things to know for making a pipe bending" />


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Things to know for making a pipe bending

How to make a pipe bender die?

Before we start on how to make a pipe bender die we should first have all the necessary details required, which are listed below

  • Pipe diameter.

First and foremost, thing is to know the pipe diameter which we are going to make pipe bender die for because this will define the groove diameter to be cut on the tube bender die. The representation of the same is done through capital letter “D”

pipe diameter

  • Centerline radius or bend radius

This defines the radius at which the pipe will bend, we call it center line radius because it comes from the center line or half of the pipe diameter. The role of center line radius in tube bender die is to define the diameter of the bending die to be made for. Center line radius acts a vital role in pipe bending process if the radius will be less than 1.5D the difficulty level of pipe bending will be increased.

This itself is a big topic and will be explained later in articles and posts. 

pipe bender die

This itself is a big topic and will be explained later in articles and posts.


  • Material of pipe to be bend.

As if now we know the pipe diameter and center line radius the material of pipe to be bend but not material. There are a large number of material used in the industry for bending and every material is of different specific density and gravity depends upon the same tube bender die material is selected, some of them are as follows

  1. Mild steel
  2. Aluminum
  3. Stainless steel
  4. Copper
  5. Brass
  6. Titanium
  7. Silver
  8. Bronze

Also for each of the above material there are different material grades with different bending properties depends upon the chemical composition of the material.


  • Wall thickness of the pipe to be bent.

This again plays a vital role in selection of the pipe bender die raw material and the mandrel raw material. Mandrel design and diameter depends upon the factor. There are many types of mandrel which can be made depends upon the wall thickness of the pipe. Some of them are as follows

  1. Plug mandrel
  2. Bullet mandrel
  3. Profile mandrel
  4. Ball mandrel
  5. Link mandrel
  6. Square ball mandrel


This itself is a big topic and will be discussed later on articles and posts. Be connected for the same



  • Machine mounting drawing.

It is basically the fitment details of the die set for the specific machine, for example there are many types of pipe bending machine as follows.

  1. CSM Pipe Bending Machine.
  2. COMCO Pipe Bending Machine.
  3. SOCO Pipe bending Machine.
  4. YLM Pipe Bending Machine.
  5. Electro pneumatic Pipe Bending Machine.

The functionality of every pipe bender is same but the mounting system of every brand and different models in each brand is different. To get the fit onto the machine mounting details are necessary. If all the mounting details are implemented correctly during manufacturing of the pipe bender die, half of the battle will be won. Following are the images to show the pipe bender die mounting details

pipe bender die pressure dieBall Mandrel

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