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SNE 63 CNC Pipe bending machine

SNE 63 CNC Pipe / Tube Bending machine

Video of SNE 63 CNC Pipe / Tube bending machine

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Product description / Technical parameters

This Model 63 CNC is good for the following industries

  • Car silencers or 4 wheeler silencers 
  • 2 Wheeler silencers or exhaust tubings 
  • Brake Hoses, Bumpers, Mufflers, Seats. Industries
  • Two Wheelers manufacturing Industry, Bicycle Industry
  • Gym equipment Manufacturing industry, open GYM or outdoor gym, closed or/ indoor gym equipment.
  • Steel Furniture,
  • Vehicle Fittings industries,
  • Bathroom equipment.
  • hardware equipment, Door handles, grab bar, pull bar, etc.


Features of pipe bending machine

  • The machine can store 2000 programs in it
  • In one pipe you can bend up to 32 angles (any of 0 to 185 degrees).
  • Big-volume cooling circulation system to prevent overheating.
  • Tool changing time is less than 12 minutes.