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What is a ball mandrel and its uses in pipe bending process?

A ball mandrel is a tool used in pipe bending to support the inside of a pipe during the bending process. It is also known as a mandrel rod or mandrel bar. The ball mandrel consists of a steel rod with a spherical ball at one end, which is inserted into the pipe being bent. The ball helps to distrib…

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wire ball mandrel

wire ball mandrel disassembled wire ball mandrel assembled

Features of Wired Ball Mandrel.

  • Is especially used when the id of the pipe is very small(less than 20 mm) and the wall thickness is also very less(.2 to .4)
  • Image shows is a picture of wired ball mandrel to be used on a pipe bending machine is in disassembled condition for the same …

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Things to know for making a pipe bending

How to make a pipe bender die?

Before we start on how to make a pipe bender die we should first have all the necessary details required, which are listed below

  • Pipe diameter.

First and foremost, thing is to know the pipe diameter which we are going to make pipe bender die for because this will…

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